Hello World!

Hello to the online world! I am Reverend Körb and I the Shrine Head of Circle of the Lady of Crows; a shrine in the Correllian Tradition. As of the date of this blog my shrine has not been deemed but I am in the application process and should be deemed very soon. My blog will be filled with my thoughts and ideas regarding the spiritual world and the physical world that surrounds us. I will also make posts regarding upcoming events and the turn out of those events. I am always open to answer any questions that my blogs may provoke or general questions about the Correllian Tradition or spirituality in general. Please note that I am a First Degree Priestess so I am far from knowing “everything” about the Tradition but any answers I do not personally have I will gladly seek out the answer to for you. I would like to thank all of you that read this and I thank you in advance for reading future posts!

Blessed Be,

Reverend Körbl